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Welcome to Holdaways Brake & Clutch

How can we help you?

Are you looking for parts?

We sell brake clutch and suspension parts, to both the motor trade and to retail customers.
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Do you need brake or clutch system components repaired?

We can overhaul your brake and clutch hydraulic cylinders and
brake calipers.
We re-surface brake disc rotors and brake drums for all size vehicles.
And we re-line brake shoes, clutch plates and brake bands for all applications.
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Would you like to bring us your car for repairs?

Our on-car workshop is staffed by fully New Zealand-qualified mechanics who, since qualifying, have all gained considerable experience and further qualifications in the brake, clutch and undercar field.

We do a FREE BRAKE CHECK and report

If you have failed a WOF, your car makes a worrying noise, you are experiencing vibrations when braking etc, our Free Check will tell you what repairs are needed and also give you our price for completing the repairs.
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We make cables!

We manufacture and repair cables for all sorts of applications, not just automotive.
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